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Teddy Bear’s Treehouse


Build Your Own Toy House - Play Games - Listen To Guided Imagery - Decorate & Paint - Educational Kids Game

Come build a treehouse, where everything is possible.
Collect your planks, lay down a floor using grown-up tools, and make a cool sign to claim your property! The fun continues, as you play darts, make popcorn, have a pillow fight with a friendly bear or chase shadows in the dark.

We’ve taken this app a step further. Since research shows that quiet time is as important as playtime, we’ve introduced a new feature:

* Guided Imagery! *
*** Improves concentration levels
*** Helps reduce anxiety
*** Relaxes the body and mind

* Draw out what you’ve imagined - Express your feelings & thoughts

* Adorable bear characters interact with you as you play

* Mini-games keep you engaged: Darts, basketball, popcorn making, & endless surprises

* Lots of tools for building and creating - Hammers, saws, nails, & more

This app brings home childhood memories and it might just inspire you to build the treehouse of your dreams for those special kids in your life!

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