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Pond Fun


Nature Water Garden - Fish Wildlife Animal Care Outdoor Aquarium - Learn to Recycle Educational Interactive Earth Kids Game

Come play at our pond! A place bursting with life and activity, where you’ll interact with adorable frogs and lovable ducks, skip pebbles, learn to appreciate the environment and help keep the pond clean. Watch out for BlueBird flying overhead, feed Mr. Frog his favorite snack, and don’t forget to make some paperboats while you’re at it.

A rich playtime experience, designed to enable children to relax and catch their breath, while exploring the world they live in.

* Feed the fish!
* Help lost ducklings find Mother Duck
* Catch tadpoles in a jar - and then let them go of course...
* Skip pebbles
* Play with Frog and feed him flies
* Keep the pond clean! Recycle into the proper bins!

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