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Goodnight Teddy Bear


Go To Sleep With Sweet Dreams - Nighty Night Bedtime Routine - Educational Kids Game

An app that will make BEDTIME the easiest task of the day!

For all you sleep-deprived parents, have your child experience first hand what it’s like to put someone to bed. And not just ANYONE, but a tailor-made, adorable animated teddy bear, that they’ve just created!

Research and studies all agree that CHILDREN NEED ROUTINE.
Committing to a bedtime routine and sticking to it is effective in reducing sleep problems.
Our Teddy Bear’s Bedtime Routine app follows that rule to a tee.
And it creates a clear path to sleeptime - beginning, middle, and end.

* Create your own bedtime buddy - A cuddly, sweet bear comes alive
* Pick a Bedtime Routine - Choose from 5 educational activities
* Stick with it - As Bear acts out all those wonderful tricks our kids play on us...
* Practice setting limits - Teddy responds to your efforts in the most engaging way
* Role Playing - Teach your child responsibility and social practices
* Positive Affirmations - Happy thoughts to ensure sweet dreams
* Tuck Teddy in for the night - 100% success guaranteed - he’s designed that way :)

Wishing you a good night’s sleep.

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