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Dog In The Box


Adopt Cute Puppy Dogs

Kids and puppies have lots in common - they’re eager, easily excited and always inquisitive!
Watch your child use all his charm, talent and a pile of toys to get your newly adopted puppy to come out of its box and play.

Adopting a dog from the pound and providing it with a safe home, filled with laughter and love, is a great way to teach children about friendship, responsibility and caring.

Discover your unique puppy’s behaviour and reactions, its timidness or spunk, its cuteness and friendliness. Once your dog is revealed, it will come out of the box and engage with you.


* Six Dogs! Play with a different one each time

* Feed your puppy! Bones, steaks, biscuits, and more

* Smile! Great photo ops to capture the moment

* Adorable reactions for each pup

* Aliens, birthday cakes, robots & lots more toys to entertain your dog

BeBright apps give your child life-long tools to guide them on their journey in a world where technology now rules.

Note: Devices without a built-in camera, such as iPad 1, will not have the ability to use the Take-A-Photo feature.

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