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Cool Math 123


Learn to Count – Write Numbers – Add and Subtract – Interactive Mathematical English Education Kids Games

Give your child an easy, fun head start with this all-in-one educational app. Counting has never been easier, writing is a breeze! We even have an Add ’n Subtract section for the more advanced ones. Children will enjoy learning as they bond with the funny baby chicks that guide them safely along the way, making them laugh out loud and coming back for more.

Empower your child to strengthen educational and verbal skills through imaginative and creative play. 

Lots of mini-games ensure your child is 100% engaged while learning! Painting and coloring, bursting balloons, popping corn, playing the piano, smashing the mole, cracking eggs and much more...

* I’m Counting - Learn to count & pronounce numbers
* I’m Writing - Learn to properly write numbers
* Math is Easy! - Add & subtract like never before
* Hilarious animations - Keep your child entertained
* Lots of Mini Games - Bursting balloons, popping popcorn, flying feathers and more!
* Paint the Chicks - Add stickers and colors for a rich, creative experience
* Upbeat Soundtrack - Enjoy original music and surprising sound effects

BeBright apps give your child life-long tools to guide them on their journey in a world where technology now rules.

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