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Build A Teddy Bear


Send A Hug - Best Christmas Gift For Your Family and Friends - Fun Educational Care Game

Build a Bear and watch it come to life, as it talks, giggles, and even whispers a secret, just for you!

Connect to your family and friends, with the help of these lovable bears, creating many sweet memories to cherish forever.

* Can you keep Bear sitting still, while you take a photo together?
* Make Bear proud - Send your picture off to someone you love!
* Bond with your Bear - Coax him to tell you a secret...
* Customize your Furry Friend - choose from a large variety of colors and textures
* Cute, funny animations to keep you entertained as you accessorize and design
* Collect your photos to decorate your tree!

Special moments are made of fond memories. So this Christmas send a hug and make someone smile - you might just get a hug back!

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Please Note: Devices without a built-in camera, such as iPad 1, will not have the ability to use the Take-A-Photo feature.

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